About Almanack

The automotive recycling industry and the online market place has gone through vast changes recently, specifically over the past five years. These changes have tested the business owners resources, finances and motives.

Some companies have already started to use online systems to better manage their business, but rarely has there been a system developed capable of managing the entire process, from vehicle sourcing, vehicle collections, customer satisfaction, satisfying regulations, destruction notices, stock management and subsequently the sales of parts or vehicles.

The Almanack was created to offer a solution to the modern day problems in a cost effective way. Therefor the Almanack is one system that manages all aspects of the vehicle recyclers day-to-day activities as we move into the new era of vehicle recycling.

The key to our success is to listen and communicate with our clients requirements, and it is with great thanks to the fantastic feedback we have received that we have been able to develop a unique system around the requirement of you, the vehicle recycler.



ALMANACK supports multiple drivers in different locations, enabling ATFs to monitor driver collections on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Collect key information such as photo ID, proof of address, customer bank details and images of the vehicle that can be taken and stored within ALMANAPP.


ALMANACK also allows drivers to report missed collections or can call the office at a touch of a button to rearrange and schedule a new collection.